Our Pledge

Valid Concerns
Hiring a speaker you have not seen or heard can be scary and risky. I am sure you are asking yourself as you view this website:

Will he know how to relate to our people? 
Does he have any idea what he is talking about?
Will he just blow smoke?
Is this going to be just a bunch or touchy feely, sing around the campfire and sing kum-by-yah, work up the crowd, rah rah?
Will this just be a sales pitch and some guy trying to sell his books at the back of the room?
Is he worth the investment?
Will he customize his talk or class or is it just a canned speech or a training course he got off the shelf?

Our Pledge
PepWorks takes your business seriously. We believe in being personally accountable to our clients from the very first contact either by email, voice-mail or phone call.
We believe in taking the high road and place a tremendous value on follow through. Proposals and deliverables are completed ahead of time, not just in time.
Your account is handled by the CEO, not a junior executive. As the CEO, I personally handle all proposals, contracts, bookings, keynote/course content deliverables and financial matters.


Our personal guarantee is that you will receive our absolute best work and effort 100% of the time.


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Our Pledge
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